Big black cock slave in Owensboro help

Age 53 From Eureka, Indiana Online Over 2 weeks ago

Man Seeking A Man

Basic Information Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • First name Slave
  • I Would Describe Myself As I'm a tall handsome 51 year old white man your age does not matter prefer older men long as you have a long thick black cock to make me your slave with phonetically watch black cock worship pornography everyday and I am sleeping a good-hearted master I will serve you daily Sucka come out of your pocket anytime at your slightest wish cook for you clean for you massage you and love you in a way that no one else ever has I need to be submissive best life front black man with a big meaty cock I am salivating and drooling leaving this message I am so happy the way pornography has work my mind my a****** is puckering in and out at the thought of writing up and down on some big black old cock please consider me as your submissive b**** slave I will turn over my entire disability paycheck to you every month I will live off next-to-nothing I Will Survive off sucking the Black come out of your cock it will be in my diet mostly
  • Sign Sagittarius
Appearance & Situation What's your present situation? Describe your appearance.
  • My Body Type Is Heavyset
  • My Height Is Taller Than 6' 4 (1.93 m)
  • My Ethnicity Is Caucasian

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